Quest for Honor

Good ol' Dungeon Delving

The party was tasked with returning Prince Garo to his palace in Schenedorf. Garo was imprisoned by Prospero and some evil dude took over his rule. Garo helped the party gain entrance to the catacombs underneath his castle.

While exploring the catacombs, the party killed 6 guards and set fire to a bunch of spider eggs. Merrill stuck his rapier into one of the eggs and got it covered in goo (-2 to hit for the adventure). Alistair discovered a giant mutant spider. He was hit by its web and the strangest thing happened, the spider stole his action. Something very similar happened at the temple of Akrasia. The group killed the spider. The group also killed a halfling wizard.

The halfing wizard had a large music box in his lab (about the size of an 8 gallon barrel). Alistair is able to discern that it serves as a home for some plasmids, magical beings form the neutral plane. (The item will be added to the wiki soon)

The party is in the lab. They have found a note hinting at more magical treasure in the storeroom. They still need to get the prince to the throne room.


“The group killed the spider” does not adequately pay tribute to the awesome Halfling Cannonball maneuver that Merrill and Grey pulled off.

Good ol' Dungeon Delving

Wolverine and Colossus will be suing you soon.

Good ol' Dungeon Delving
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