Quest for Honor

Mask of the Red Death

The company decided to leave Frankfurt, due to the heat. They bribed a gypsy wagon train for a ride out of town. About a week later while going down the road, the train came along a group of bandits harassing a masked figure in the road. The group rescued the figure, and Merrill, Grey, and Graven tracked down the bandits (and that is why they did not participate in the rest of the adventure). The rest of the group helped the masked gentleman go to the nearby city of Grunhelm so that he could gain entrance into Prince Prospero’s ball. The group crashed the party, fought Prospero’s pet basilisk, and freed some prisoners. The masked figure killed Prospero but many of his associates at the ball managed to escape. The party freed a local prince from Prospero’s dungeon, and the prince is offering a huge reward if they help him return to his throne in the next town.

XP chart is updated.


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