Quest for Honor

The Heat is On!

The company is being investigated by the city government. After all, they were involved in the death of a very influential noble and political figure. Special attention has been placed on Merrill, as word as gotten around that he had recently had some curses removed from him. Rada Runesheim does his best to protect the company, but he can only do so much.

The company is forbidden to leave the city until further notice. Contracts are becoming scarce, and bills are piling up. On the bright side, further research into Maximilian’s texts turns up more references to the Goblet of the MiGo. The Temple of She-Ra could be out thereā€¦.

Metagame discussion: When are some good gaming dates for November? Also, what direction do you guys want to go in? Clear your name and restore your honor in Frankfurt? Something else? The sandbox is open. Comment below!


Metagame: Merrill would be interested in clearing his name, in so far as having this suspicion causes him problems. He doesn’t mind be suspected of things and he has a history of just moving on from place to place when he gets in trouble, but if people are going to be hunting him or if they cannot easily leave and cannot get work if they stay, then yeah, lets clear that up. Besides, the guild has been a pretty good source of easy jobs and loot.

I could do Nov 15, 16, 22, & 23
I presume the teachers will be off the week of Thanksgiving, I’m good for a game Nov 24, 25, or 26 that week

The Heat is On!
scottmr83 nedpatrick

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