RED HAND: Belgos and Beltana (The Twins)

Drow Gun Tank & Spellslinger


Belgos carries enough weaponry to fight a small army – two pistols, a shotgun, throwing knives and a variety of explosives. Perhaps the only thing that he obsesses over more than his weapons is his armor, light and quick while capable of withstanding extraordinary amounts of damage. And yet, by looking at its glossy sheen, one could easily think it’s never seen a second of combat.

Beltana, on the other hand, needs only one weapon to do the job: her spell rifle, modified to hit targets from hundreds of feet away. A master hunter and tracker, Beltana uses distance to her advantage as she shoots her prey – often anyone fighting her brother – from afar. Although distance is her ally, don’t think for a moment that she’s at a disadvantage when fighting in close quarters.

From Baron Ellst: “Where there’s one, the other is always – ALWAYS – within line of sight. It’s often their pleasure for Belgos to draw his opponents out into the open while Beltana shoots them from afar.”


RED HAND: Belgos and Beltana (The Twins)

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