Ulric Von Lichtenstein

Halfling Thief


Born to a loving mother but never having known his father. Very good looking and knows it. Has one living brother and 3 siblings that have passed. Feels like he has to aquire as much as possible to prove he didn’t need a father. Likes magic as long as it serves his purposes and has never really considered magical creatures unless confronted by them. No issues with non humans and his best friend is a human named Hans Vanderbeak. Enemy- The pastry chef in the village he is from. Believes that money makes the world go round and any he can find is his. Also believes the poor are poor because they don’t try hard enough. Thinks slavery and rape are the only real crimes.

Ulric died when a bandit’s arrow hit him in the neck on the road to Frankfurt. He is currently buried in a graveyard just outside the city limits.

Ulric Von Lichtenstein

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