Quest for Honor

"Judge of your natural character by what you do in your dreams." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The mercenary company was invited to the Frankfurt mansion of Maximilian Lundren. He informed the party that he wanted to hire them on to an expedition that he was mounting to the frozen north in search of the Goblet of Mi-Go. This was all a ploy and Maximilian really just wanted to drug them with laced food and wine. Once the party feel asleep they awoke in the dream/shadow plane.

The party successfully defeated a fishbowl, a demon chessboard, and a room full of mind-controlling brains in jars. After they woke up and returned to the normal realm, they found Maximilian dead in his study. It appeared as though Max hired a sorcerer to transport the party into his dream so that he could find out if Merrill took his monkey’s paw. The sorcerer escaped from the mansion before the party could confront him.

The party found various texts and tomes on old legends, manuals of the planes, and books on ancient artifacts. Theses books were taken back to the company’s base of operations. Any knowledge check for ancient lore, artifacts, or the planes that is made in the comapny’s HQ receives a +10 when consulting these resources.

The local authorities are greatly concerned about the death of the prominent politician Maximilian Lundren. They are launching an investigation and while the party are not suspects at this time, they are told not to leave the city of Frankfurt until further notice.

Great teamwork, everyone. XP chart is updated.

Desecrate the Temple!

The party fought their way out of the basement. Alistair and Graven showed up, and together the PCs slaughtered most of the inhabitants. They failed to take any prisoners, but they did find a list of names of important people and organizations in Frankfurt.

The Wizard’s Guild pays everybody 500 gp a piece.

Loot: The following items were found in the temple, particularly in Maerwen’s (the animal wizard’s) room.

3 night candles
1 Scroll of Steal Action
1 Scroll of Charm Monster
1 Scroll of Wall of Stone

XP has been updated.

Metagame info: Most of the group should be able to level up. This is good. Know that as your abilities increase, so will the challenges of the game. Critical wounds and even death will be possibilities. Just remember, without risk there is no reward!


Rada Runseheim of the Wizard Guild hired the party for a special mission. He informed them that the Cult of Akrasia, a normally annoying but harmless order, is involved in a sinister plot. He sent the party off to investigate a temple of Akrasia located in the wilderness. Everyone in the party that did not already have a +1 magical enchantment on their main weapon received one.

The party traveled and stopped at the Way Choice Inn. They had a generally good time as they drank and chatted with the locals. Martin, the owner, charged them a more than fair price for a room. They were able to listen to an elf bard play his magical harp.

The next day they traveled to the temple. Their cover story was that they were interested in joining the Cult of Akrasia. They were sent to clean up the kitchen. The information that they found out was that some high level clerics (Distractors) had passed through recently. Allara, the leader of the temple, suspected treachery and lured the party down to the basement. There they were locked in a secret room and forced to fight two life-refts, strange creatures who can steal your actions. The party defeated the life-refts and also killed Hincemar, the half-orc cleric who was guarding the door.

As the party was preparing to leave the basement hallway, darts rained down from the ceiling and hit Hypo Typosis. Then a shriveled, rotten humanoid jumped down and fought the group. It was easily defeated but then Lorien was also struck by darts from above and another creature descended. That creature was killed, but now Hypo Typosis and Lorien are trapped in delusions, believing that the basement is the environment of their dreams. They do not want to leave.

The party needs a plan. Will they fight their way out? How will they convince Hypo Typosis and Lorien to follow? Will Alistair North come to save the day?

The Bandit Lair

The company (which still needs a name) was hired by the authorities to clear out a bandit lair. Various monsters, traps, and bandits were dealt with. Two goblins were saved, and paid the party 250 gp. The guild paid them 1000 gp. The following loot was found:

373 gold pieces
A bunch of gems valued at 835 gp
1 masterwork heavy shield
1 masterwork heavy crossbow
1 masterwork scale male
1 potion of guidance
1 potion of jump
bag of nails
box of candles
pair of dice
20 small glass rods
tiny lead box
wooden drum
2 bags of spices
box of charcoal
sewing needles
vail of ink

XP has been updated.

Tales of the Scarecrow

Grey and Merrill were sent by the Wizard Guild to locate Richard Fox, an adventurer and collector of antiquities. Fox was expected in Frankfurt over a month ago. The duo found him and his dead servants on a farm located on the road between Frankfurt and Hamelin. The farm was surrounded by a ring of corn.

The pcs were trapped there by a huge monster under the ground. There was also an evil scarecrow that sucked out their hit points. They burned the scarecrow and escaped the farm when Merrill played a harpsichord while Grey ran back to Frankfurt to obtain help from the Guild. Fox was in possession of a cursed rapier and two books, Tales of the Scarecrow and the Malleus Deus.

Trouble in Meineuwald

The party was sent by the Wizard Guild to the town of Meineuwald. Their job was to investigate rumors of a strange plague infecting people in the countryside. When the party arrived in the town most of the population was already dead. The only survivors were Dana and Hardo. The party also ran into Arnaut Rimfire, who was investigating the same phenomena for the Church of the Pure.

The dead residents of Meineuwald rose up at night as zombies. The party fought their way through them and them headed to a cave south of the village. In the cave they found 3 guards, killed 2 of them, and discovered that there was a lich in the cave.

Half of the group attacked the lich and the other half went to protect Dana and Hardo. The lich disappeared at the end of the battle and the party saved Arnaut’s life, who had been almost killed by the lich. The group then escorted Dana and Hardo back to Berlin.

Upon returning to Berlin, the Wizard Guild listened to their story. The Guild mentioned that according to their story, they were very lucky as liches are very powerful. It seemed that the ilch they fought was weakened or not as powerful as it should be.

Metagame stuff: The xp sheet is updated.

Some of you can level. Don’t forget to check out the Leveling Checklist.

Investigating Meineuwald

As the party heads back to Frankfurt from Berlin, they have been tasked to investigate rumors of strange deaths from a new plague in the countryside. They will be heading to the town of Meineuwald to find out more information.

All members received 200 gp from the last encounter, plus 3 scrolls of cure light wounds from the Guild in Berlin. If party members want to pick up anything else before heading to Meineuwald go ahead and get it in Berlin.

A Bind in Berlin

As the mercenary company was returning to Frankfurt from Krakow, they stopped in Berlin to rest. Along the way they acquired Lorien, the half-elf Druid and Hypotyposis, the half-orc Summoner. The Wizard Guild of Berlin called upon the group to help protect one of the city’s citizens. The group was given the task of protecting Lady Dromdal, a patron of the guild. The Swan Street Killer had escaped and the party was to protect Lady Dromdal while the local constables were on the hunt.

To make a long story short, Lady Dromdal was using the Swan Street Killer to kill and kidnap her rivals. The Swan Street Killer was a mute feral halfling that the Lady liked to dress up in fancy cloths. The group freed two prisoners from Lady Dromdal’s hidden room, killed the Swan Street Killer, and detained Lady Dromdal for the police.

The xp chart has been updated.

Everyone gains one hero point.

You found 2 potions of bull strength.

The group has gained a boon from Vivi Knots andCole Chartsheim.

Leveling up checklist

I added a leveling up checklist to help you guys out. Here us the link: Leveling Checklist

It is in the house rules section of the wiki for future reference.

Rules Update - Hero Points

We will start using hero points in our games. Everyone will start the next adventure with one hero point. Check out the rules for hero points:

Rules for hero points


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