Quest for Honor

The Library of Krakow

The party was sent to Krakow on a mission from the wizard’s guild. The party was hired by Zandor the Adequate to recover a magical tome from the great library. They entered the Great Library of Krakow to find the text Librus Xanthaxtic, a tome of necromancy that should provide clues about the army of undead that has been ravaging the lands.

In the library, the party defeating eight burning skeletons. Alistair used create water to put one out, while Grey was burned smashing his way through the majority of them. The next big encounter was with an air elemental. Most of the party retreated, but when Merrill and Grey made a valiant stand the party defeated it. The last encounter was with a herd of vocabuvores. Vocabuvores are goblin-like creatures that feed on hearing new words, which causes them to grow in size. The party defeated them, although three members were rendered unconscious. Graven lost his sword to a magic trap, but after that the party found the book and skedaddled.

The xp chart has been updated. Look under house rules in the wiki.

Each PC received 200 gp from the Guild for a job well done.

Spymasters of the Old World

The crew hears rumors of a strange army being raised in the east. Travelers talk of towns having their graveyards plundered for bodies to fill a zombie army. Areas have been stricken with plague, only to have all of the dead disappear. While most people don’t believe these tales, the politicians and big wigs in Frankfurt have approached the company to go east on a fact-finding mission.

Metagame stuff: I updated the xp chart. It has also been updated in the wiki. As to our next game, I have a paper due and a talent show to plan. Once these are squared away we can plan a session.

Becoming Professionals

While the pcs are licking their wounds, they are approached by a local bureaucrat. He informs the party that they are becoming quite well known throughout the city. According to him, it would be wise to register with the Hall of Guilds, perhaps as a mercenary company. Registering would have many benefits, such as official recognition from the city, legal protection, better access to patrons, and more. Registration would only be 5gp. The pcs familiar with business (such as Merrill) know that this is a fair price.

On a metagame note, I just registered on a site called roll20. It is a site to play rpgs online and it is free. It also works with hangouts. It would allow us to use maps and minis in online games. I suggest that everyone get an account.


Mayhem at the Manor

The pcs were hired by Maximilian Lundren to investigate his countryside manor, which was overrun by bandits. The pcs went to investigate and found that there were also some creepy monsters and a mage there as well. They slaughtered everything in sight and made sure that Maximilian’s treasures were safe. They were paid a total of 1250 gps and Maximilian has granted them a boon. Anytime they are in the vicinity of Frankfurt they can call upon Maximilian for a favor.

The xp chart has been updated.

Also, wiki page “metagame stuff” has been merged with the “house rules” page. The xp chart link is now under the House Rules wiki page.

Also, you guys have collected an interesting number of items. Check out the items tab to see what you have.

Killing Stuff Tomorrow Night!

Tomorrow night, 8:45 on google+ will be our game. Barry, Zach, and Michael are attending. Jason, if you need me to help you with google + let me know. John is awaiting his computer upgrade.


While we wait for our next session I am offering up a chance for xp. If you make a post in the forum Twiddling Thumbs what your character has been doing hanging out in the city, I will give you 50 xp. As to gaming, perhaps we could do a google+ session next weekend and a face-to-face session the weekend after that? There is also a forum for scheduling.

Something Stinks in the Sewers

Demons in the sewers

The players went into the sewer to root out evil. They killed many zombies and a demon. Merril was able to see the inside of a demon, and will need to buy a new pair of boots. The goblin chief rewards the players 300 gp for making the sewers safe again. Merril is also in good graces with the rat catchers guild.

The xp chart has been updated.

To the Salt Mines!

First, the party said goodbye to Dietrich. The cleric of the Traveller contemplated as to how the Mask of Onibaba was making him behave. He decided to remove the mask with a remove curse spell and found that his face was scared. Dietrich decided to go on a pilgrimage in search of atonement. Kuyo Hijiro was happy to receive the mask and had a long interview with Dietrich in order to chronicle the powers of the mask.

Now to the present…

Alistair North is a demon hunter who has heard of the party’s exploits. He has joined them in order to learn about their adventures and fight evil. He teamed up with Merrill and Blaine (who had returned from Frankfurt) while they were resting in Mannheim. Blaine had heard about a slat mine to the north that was plagued with an unknown monster. The trio (as Grey was wrestling bears for money, Quigone was picking flowers, and Kuyo was interviewing Dietrich) went to the salt mine to investigate. After digging around in poop and falling into water, the team killed a half-fiend troglodyte.

Everyone then headed north to Frankfurt, where a goblin from the rat-catcher’s guild has informed them that at evil presence has taken over the northern sewers.

Metagame info:

XP is updated: XP spreadsheet

The last session was done vie a google+ hangout. There were minor technical difficulties but overall the session was successful.

Half-Handed Halfings
Dietrich Werner and Gray Grayhawke met up with Kuyo Hijiro in the tavern while resting in Mannheim. Gray paid 300 gp to have his magic sword fixed. They were convinced to carry some wine out to Carum Half-hand’s house. Carum convinced them to go and root out a nest of bandits out to the east. The pcs killed a whole bunch of bandits and a half-fiend. The town sheriff awarded everyone 75 gp for the return of the bandit leader. XP has been updated.

XP spreadsheet

The list of stuff Barry kept

This is the list of stuff that Barry wrote down. This is everything that you collected up to today’s adventure.

Gold: 334
Silver: 317
Copper: 1
2 Gems

1 Horse Cart & 2 Horses (Gygax & Brumhilda)
In the cart:
1 short bow
22 arrows
1 sling
2 rapiers
2 medium shields
1 silver battle axe
1 silver halberd
1 Music Box
50 Rations

I can’t recall, but I think these are the items we got at the end of the last adventure that have yet to be given to the appropriate party member to use/figure out:
5 Scrolls
Crystal “Pistol”
The Mask of Onibaba (+2 to Hit, +2 to Damage) – Michael is wearing this


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