Quest for Honor

The Adventures Wander Some More!

The party took the long way around the village of Kehl on their way back to Frankfurt. They are currently stopped in Mannheim for some rest and relaxation. For 3 gp Dietrich Werner and Quigone Vinetredder get their spear and sword fixed. Gray Grayhawke will need a magic user to make repairs on his magic sword.

Merrill Tobery has headed off into various taverns and disappeared. He is probably passed out drunk somewhere. Quigone Vinetredder has run off into the woods with El Gato. He told the PCs that he had to do some “ranger stuff”. The rest of the PCs meet an interesting character named Kuyo Hijiro. He seems very interested in the mask that Dietrich is wearing.

We will start at this point on Sunday.

Clerics and healing
cleric rules

While choosing Dieter’s spells on Saturday we made sure that he had two “cure” spells. As I was reading over the rules for clerics I noticed the spontaneous healing ability.

“A good cleric (or a neutral cleric of a good deity) can channel stored spell energy into healing spells that she did not prepare ahead of time. The cleric can “lose” any prepared spell that is not an orison or domain spell in order to cast any cure spell of the same spell level or lower (a cure spell is any spell with “cure” in its name).” pathfinder srd

So it seems like there is no need for a cleric to take a cure spell since they can always cast it. Just thought I’d bring this rule to the group’s attention.

Exploring the Upper Level
slaughter the zoo

Some rules stuff first: Looking over the rules shows me that drawing a weapon is a move action. We will be counting that from now on. Also, I am giving Dieter the base xp for the monsters killed for this session.

Session recap: The PCs camped out in the woods for the night to recover. They then went back inside the palace. The party successfully explored the upper level of the palace. It started with the slaughter of 8 male ubues. The females and children of the tribe ran away. A decapus and giant mantis where also killed. During the battle with the caryatid column Quigone’s sword, Dieter’s spear, and Gray’s magic sword all gained the broken condition. They can be fixed at the next sizable town or city. During the battle Merrill convinced Dieter to put on the Mask of Onibaba. It gave Dieter +2 to attack and damage (see the items page for more info). Dieter does not want to take the mask off, but otherwise it is not changing him.

There was some new loot; check the items page. Also 5 scrolls were found, 2 cure moderate wounds, 1 summon monster II, 1 glyph of warding, and 1 tongues.

The PCs have left the forest and are now resting in the village of Whitecaster. Everyone is fully healed. Everyone can level up appropriately. Sunthis informed the PCs that soldiers from Kehl came to Whitecaster to hassle the locals and search for the PCs. Sunthis hid in the woods while Blaine told him that she was going to Frankfurt and literally disappeared. The locals told the soldiers nothing.

It is now June 18 in the campaign.

XP for the session

Total XP

Exploring the Lower Level

Session for July 21, 2012.

The party successfully explored the lower level of the Palace. Many monsters were killed and many traps were disarmed and set off. Here is a review of the xp earned:

Group xp monsters: 5 mites, a rat swarm, 2 goblin dogs, owlbears, mimic, 8 zombies = 5900
Group xp for exploring level: 100 xp
Everyone gets 200 xp for individual acts of daring such as being glitter bombed, saving a baric and pulling Gray out from a trap, being trap bait and tearing apart a mimic, and using spells wisely, devote praying and going Jack Bauer on Travis.

6800 total divided by 4 = 1700 each.

100 points to the snack bringers and 50 points to the mini bringer.

XP Chart

I have created a spreadsheet to help keep track of hp. You can view it at this link. You can also find it in the Metagame Stuff section of the wiki.

New XP

Kyle can add 100 xp for updating his online character sheet.

Lost in the Woods

The pcs headed to the Palace of the Silver Princess. Blaine Grayhawke and Sunthis Enildil stayed behind in Whitecaster in order to rest. Blaine will leave for Frankfurt in 2 days time. We will say that it is June 10.

The party met up with Quigone Vinetedder, who also purchased a map to the palace. After trekking through the Black the Forest for an unknown amount of time they found the opening to the palace. The pcs went in an explored a room and a hallway, where they attacked and killed a gelatinous cube.

XP awards:

Dietrich Werner gets 220 for the cube and casting a spell that did something cool.
Gray Grayhawke gets 220 for the cube and being strong enough to lift up rusty doors.
Merrill Tobery gets 300 for the cube and updating his character sheet.
Quigone Vinetedder gets 350 for the cube, snacks, and providing a mini.

New Charter

This is the charter for the new campaign. All items are open for discussion and negotiation.

1. We will now use the Pathfinder rules.

2. The entire ruleset as published by Paizo is considered open. If there is something not in the core book that your are interested in using, ask me if it is okay (especially if you what to make a multi-class ninja gunslinger).

3. All characters will start as 3rd level pcs.

4. Characters will input their current attributes into a 1st level Pathfinder character. Then level up said character to 3rd level. You may take the maximum hit points at first level and then roll your class hit point die for 2nd and 3rd.

5. We will play a fast paced game in regards to how many XP are needed to level. Everyone will start with 3,300 XP.

6. Minis and battlemaps will be used. Miniatures will be provided (see House Rules for special note on miniatures and XP).

7. As Pathfinder is a new system, the understanding and comprehension of the rules will be a group responsibility. Keep track of what your feats and special powers do.

8. The goal of the game is to have fun, and the rules should not interfere with that.

9. Jason is our new patron. Construction will begin on a new wing of the game room and it will be named the Dr. Jason Deen Nelson Gaming Library and Nerd Cave.

Paradigm Shift

The party decided to rest during the day and head back into the town at night. They killed some guards, zombie things and a barrow wight. They liberated Sunthis Enildil(who was called Tobias during the session) and Blaine Grayhawke. The evil spell over the town seemed to stop. In terms of loot the pcs found some magic linen and they have the Crown of Command. The town priest was also killed.

The party traveled south and entered the town of Whitecaster.

xp Awards:

4 guards @ 75 xp each = 300
3 rag doll zombies at 150 each = 450
1 Barrow Wight @ 792 = 792
Freeing Sunthis = 75
Freeing Blaine = 300

Total = 1917 divided among the 3 pcs is 639 xp each. Let me know who can level up from this.

Honor awards = 1 each for the adventure, 1 for acts of bravery, and one for not dying. 3 each.

Recap in Kehl

The pcs are currently south of Kehl (note: any references to the town of Karlesruhe were actually in reference to Kehl). Gray Grayhawke and Merrill Tobery ran south down the road, which turns into a trail as it leaves Kehl. Merrill and Gray run into Dietrich Werner on the trail. Dietrich has been hiding out in the forest. Dietrich was pulled into the demon world briefly, where he was attacked by three rag doll monsters. Deitrich pleaded to the Traveller, who showed him the path to safety. Dietrich ran out of town and hid in the forest. He did notice that there were many guards around a certain house by the mayor’s mansion. It is currently after midnight on June 8th. The party is exhausted and Gray’s wound feels ice cold.

The pcs have some options. They can head south down the trail, back into Kehl, farther north back to Mannheim and Frankfurt, or some crazy other option that you can think of.


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