Quest for Honor

Everyone is now seventh level!


I added xp to anyone who was not yet seventh level, so if you weren’t at seventh level before you are now. Update your characters and we will play Friday night.

Free Comic Book Day

Just an announcement, Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. Excalibur will be participating.

Break and Update

I think everyone has noticed that we are taking a bit of a break. I will be unavailable until after Arwyn’s birthday weekend (around May 12). After that we can start to coordinate schedules.

Good ol' Dungeon Delving

The party was tasked with returning Prince Garo to his palace in Schenedorf. Garo was imprisoned by Prospero and some evil dude took over his rule. Garo helped the party gain entrance to the catacombs underneath his castle.

While exploring the catacombs, the party killed 6 guards and set fire to a bunch of spider eggs. Merrill stuck his rapier into one of the eggs and got it covered in goo (-2 to hit for the adventure). Alistair discovered a giant mutant spider. He was hit by its web and the strangest thing happened, the spider stole his action. Something very similar happened at the temple of Akrasia. The group killed the spider. The group also killed a halfling wizard.

The halfing wizard had a large music box in his lab (about the size of an 8 gallon barrel). Alistair is able to discern that it serves as a home for some plasmids, magical beings form the neutral plane. (The item will be added to the wiki soon)

The party is in the lab. They have found a note hinting at more magical treasure in the storeroom. They still need to get the prince to the throne room.

Mask of the Red Death

The company decided to leave Frankfurt, due to the heat. They bribed a gypsy wagon train for a ride out of town. About a week later while going down the road, the train came along a group of bandits harassing a masked figure in the road. The group rescued the figure, and Merrill, Grey, and Graven tracked down the bandits (and that is why they did not participate in the rest of the adventure). The rest of the group helped the masked gentleman go to the nearby city of Grunhelm so that he could gain entrance into Prince Prospero’s ball. The group crashed the party, fought Prospero’s pet basilisk, and freed some prisoners. The masked figure killed Prospero but many of his associates at the ball managed to escape. The party freed a local prince from Prospero’s dungeon, and the prince is offering a huge reward if they help him return to his throne in the next town.

XP chart is updated.

The Heat is On!

The company is being investigated by the city government. After all, they were involved in the death of a very influential noble and political figure. Special attention has been placed on Merrill, as word as gotten around that he had recently had some curses removed from him. Rada Runesheim does his best to protect the company, but he can only do so much.

The company is forbidden to leave the city until further notice. Contracts are becoming scarce, and bills are piling up. On the bright side, further research into Maximilian’s texts turns up more references to the Goblet of the MiGo. The Temple of She-Ra could be out thereā€¦.

Metagame discussion: When are some good gaming dates for November? Also, what direction do you guys want to go in? Clear your name and restore your honor in Frankfurt? Something else? The sandbox is open. Comment below!

"Judge of your natural character by what you do in your dreams." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The mercenary company was invited to the Frankfurt mansion of Maximilian Lundren. He informed the party that he wanted to hire them on to an expedition that he was mounting to the frozen north in search of the Goblet of Mi-Go. This was all a ploy and Maximilian really just wanted to drug them with laced food and wine. Once the party feel asleep they awoke in the dream/shadow plane.

The party successfully defeated a fishbowl, a demon chessboard, and a room full of mind-controlling brains in jars. After they woke up and returned to the normal realm, they found Maximilian dead in his study. It appeared as though Max hired a sorcerer to transport the party into his dream so that he could find out if Merrill took his monkey’s paw. The sorcerer escaped from the mansion before the party could confront him.

The party found various texts and tomes on old legends, manuals of the planes, and books on ancient artifacts. Theses books were taken back to the company’s base of operations. Any knowledge check for ancient lore, artifacts, or the planes that is made in the comapny’s HQ receives a +10 when consulting these resources.

The local authorities are greatly concerned about the death of the prominent politician Maximilian Lundren. They are launching an investigation and while the party are not suspects at this time, they are told not to leave the city of Frankfurt until further notice.

Great teamwork, everyone. XP chart is updated.

Desecrate the Temple!

The party fought their way out of the basement. Alistair and Graven showed up, and together the PCs slaughtered most of the inhabitants. They failed to take any prisoners, but they did find a list of names of important people and organizations in Frankfurt.

The Wizard’s Guild pays everybody 500 gp a piece.

Loot: The following items were found in the temple, particularly in Maerwen’s (the animal wizard’s) room.

3 night candles
1 Scroll of Steal Action
1 Scroll of Charm Monster
1 Scroll of Wall of Stone

XP has been updated.

Metagame info: Most of the group should be able to level up. This is good. Know that as your abilities increase, so will the challenges of the game. Critical wounds and even death will be possibilities. Just remember, without risk there is no reward!


Rada Runseheim of the Wizard Guild hired the party for a special mission. He informed them that the Cult of Akrasia, a normally annoying but harmless order, is involved in a sinister plot. He sent the party off to investigate a temple of Akrasia located in the wilderness. Everyone in the party that did not already have a +1 magical enchantment on their main weapon received one.

The party traveled and stopped at the Way Choice Inn. They had a generally good time as they drank and chatted with the locals. Martin, the owner, charged them a more than fair price for a room. They were able to listen to an elf bard play his magical harp.

The next day they traveled to the temple. Their cover story was that they were interested in joining the Cult of Akrasia. They were sent to clean up the kitchen. The information that they found out was that some high level clerics (Distractors) had passed through recently. Allara, the leader of the temple, suspected treachery and lured the party down to the basement. There they were locked in a secret room and forced to fight two life-refts, strange creatures who can steal your actions. The party defeated the life-refts and also killed Hincemar, the half-orc cleric who was guarding the door.

As the party was preparing to leave the basement hallway, darts rained down from the ceiling and hit Hypo Typosis. Then a shriveled, rotten humanoid jumped down and fought the group. It was easily defeated but then Lorien was also struck by darts from above and another creature descended. That creature was killed, but now Hypo Typosis and Lorien are trapped in delusions, believing that the basement is the environment of their dreams. They do not want to leave.

The party needs a plan. Will they fight their way out? How will they convince Hypo Typosis and Lorien to follow? Will Alistair North come to save the day?

The Bandit Lair

The company (which still needs a name) was hired by the authorities to clear out a bandit lair. Various monsters, traps, and bandits were dealt with. Two goblins were saved, and paid the party 250 gp. The guild paid them 1000 gp. The following loot was found:

373 gold pieces
A bunch of gems valued at 835 gp
1 masterwork heavy shield
1 masterwork heavy crossbow
1 masterwork scale male
1 potion of guidance
1 potion of jump
bag of nails
box of candles
pair of dice
20 small glass rods
tiny lead box
wooden drum
2 bags of spices
box of charcoal
sewing needles
vail of ink

XP has been updated.


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