Quest for Honor

The Story So Far

The PCs were trapped in the sewers below Frankfurt. Their job was to assassinate Blackear, a local goblin chief. The PCs slew many of Blackear’s goblins along with his shaman and Blackear himself. With the help of Flynn and a friendly goblin rat catcher the PCs made their way to the surface.

The PCs went to the head of the Rat Catcher’s Guild demanding their payment. Either the boss tried to short them or the PCs blackmailed more from him, but they received 200 gp for the head of Blackear. I don’t remember what the initial offer from the head of the guild was and I forgot to write it down.

The PCs then took Flynn out, got him drunk, and had his left ear tattooed black in revenge for running away in the sewers. The party is currently resting in the city for 3 days to heal and buy supplies. They will acquire a cart, horses, and rations to head south. Gray Grayhawk has made an enemy in the city. We will wait to see who that is.

Everyone is now 2nd level.

In game time the date is now June 3, 1401 and the PCs are ready to leave the city.

The Cart

The PCs arrange for a cart, two horses, tack, and feed for two weeks. This will cost the party 50 gold pieces. Around noon on June 3rd the pieces will pick up the cart and horses just outside of the city. The horses names are Brumhilda and Gygax. The gold will be paid upon delivery of the animals and goods.

Cleric Rules
new rules

I talked with Michael about this and I will post it here. From now on clerics will have to pray for the spells that they want each morning. The Traveller has taken notice of Dietrich Werner’s wanton use of magic and he requires a more disciplined approach to magic from now on.

Festival Time

The group left for Mannheim on June 3rd, spending the night and a lavish roadside inn. On June 4th the party arrived in Mannheim just in time for the Festival of Children. There was much partying to be had as everyone participated in various contests. The PCs saved the day by performing the play “The Palace of the Silver Princess” for the crowd. The next day, June 5th Dietrich Werner bought himself a falcon. The group stayed the night and one June 6th they headed south for the city of Karlsruhe. The group arrived in the city at night.

Everyone gets 85 xp for the festival. Dietrich now has a falcon named Ivan. Dietrich has the skill of falconry at his wisdom +1. Dietrich can currently have Ivan fly out and return to him.

Crazy time in the village

The PCs arrived in the village of Kehl on the night of June 6. They spent the night at the Ivy Inn. The following day they attended service at the Church of the Protector and then left town. They snuck back at night and tried to vandalize one of the protection stones that surround the village. Gray Grayhawke and Merrill Tobery fought some guards and were transported to some weird realm where they then fought two zombie doll things. Dietrich Werner was left behind in a deserted village, where he started to set the church and the Mayor’s house on fire.

For continuity purposes, Merrill Tobery and Gray Grayhawke have been hiding in the guard house for about an hour after their fight. They get 200 xp each for the people and monsters that they killed. Dietrich Werner gets 150 xp for setting things on fire and having the best response to a guard’s hail so far in the game. Dietrich gets one honor point for being brazen. Ivan, Brumhilda, and Gygax are back on the road about 300 yards out of town. It is the night of June 7.

Update in Kehl

Adventure update

The PCs were in the village of Kehl. They decided to destroy one of the stone monuments that surround the city. During this attempt Merrill and Gray were transported to an evil version of Karlsruhe while Dietrich was left behind. Merrill and Gray then fought some town guards and a zombie rag dog/scarecrow monster. Dietrich wandered around the town, which appeared empty. Merrill and Gray decided to hole up in the guard post. Dietrich decided to start burning down the church and the mayor’s house.

Here are a couple of new facts.

While Dietrich is watching the buildings burn he hears an earsplitting scream. He falls down to the ground as everything turns blurring before him.

While hiding out in the guard post Gray remembers where he has seen the zombie rag doll before. When Blaine was a child she had a doll that looked just like the monster that Gray and Merrill fought. While Gray and Merrill discuss this they both notice that off in the distance the church and mayor’s house are engulfed in eerie blue fames. They both hear a scream and fall down. When they recover they hear the sound of horse hooves approaching.

Adventures in Not-Ravenloft

The following took place on the night of June 7th. Gray and Merrill hid out in the guard post. In the distance they saw blue flames engulfing the church and mayor’s house. Also, the sky flickered as reality seemed to shift again for a brief moment. They exited the guard post and went to investigate. A wraith/ghost/skeleton creature attacked them. The creature wounded Gray which caused a loss of 1 CON (more on this later). Their weapon’s blows seemed to do very little damage to the creature. The pcs bravely ran away and invaded the home of a farming family. Merrill extorted a silver holy symbol from them.

Merrill and Gray continued to run around the town. They stole a door off the potter’s cottage, fought the evil creature and some more living dolls, and visited the town witch. The pcs escaped out the window of the witch’s shack only to be discovered by Kalista and the town guards. They attacked her horse and dealt it a severe wound. Merrill and Gray ran out of town while being chased by dolls and and the evil crypt thing. Once they ran past the border of the town they entered normal reality once more.

In normal reality the town was quiet and tranquil except for the fires at the church and mayor’s house. The mayor’s house was not damaged very much but the church had been burned severely. People were seen putting out the fire. Gray and Merrill ran back to the cart where they killed two town guards. They then ran up the road and hid in the woods while a patrol rode past. Gray and Merrill rode along for a couple of hours and then made camp. Dietrich was nowhere to be found and neither was Ivan.
While the pcs did steal, loot, and stab a horse everyone did a great job of staying in character. Using a cottage door as a shield was clever. 1 honor for each of you.

XP – 50 for each guard. 100 for stealing a door. 150 for surviving the night. 300 total, divided by 2. 150 xp for each character this session.

Recap in Kehl

The pcs are currently south of Kehl (note: any references to the town of Karlesruhe were actually in reference to Kehl). Gray Grayhawke and Merrill Tobery ran south down the road, which turns into a trail as it leaves Kehl. Merrill and Gray run into Dietrich Werner on the trail. Dietrich has been hiding out in the forest. Dietrich was pulled into the demon world briefly, where he was attacked by three rag doll monsters. Deitrich pleaded to the Traveller, who showed him the path to safety. Dietrich ran out of town and hid in the forest. He did notice that there were many guards around a certain house by the mayor’s mansion. It is currently after midnight on June 8th. The party is exhausted and Gray’s wound feels ice cold.

The pcs have some options. They can head south down the trail, back into Kehl, farther north back to Mannheim and Frankfurt, or some crazy other option that you can think of.

Paradigm Shift

The party decided to rest during the day and head back into the town at night. They killed some guards, zombie things and a barrow wight. They liberated Sunthis Enildil(who was called Tobias during the session) and Blaine Grayhawke. The evil spell over the town seemed to stop. In terms of loot the pcs found some magic linen and they have the Crown of Command. The town priest was also killed.

The party traveled south and entered the town of Whitecaster.

xp Awards:

4 guards @ 75 xp each = 300
3 rag doll zombies at 150 each = 450
1 Barrow Wight @ 792 = 792
Freeing Sunthis = 75
Freeing Blaine = 300

Total = 1917 divided among the 3 pcs is 639 xp each. Let me know who can level up from this.

Honor awards = 1 each for the adventure, 1 for acts of bravery, and one for not dying. 3 each.

New Charter

This is the charter for the new campaign. All items are open for discussion and negotiation.

1. We will now use the Pathfinder rules.

2. The entire ruleset as published by Paizo is considered open. If there is something not in the core book that your are interested in using, ask me if it is okay (especially if you what to make a multi-class ninja gunslinger).

3. All characters will start as 3rd level pcs.

4. Characters will input their current attributes into a 1st level Pathfinder character. Then level up said character to 3rd level. You may take the maximum hit points at first level and then roll your class hit point die for 2nd and 3rd.

5. We will play a fast paced game in regards to how many XP are needed to level. Everyone will start with 3,300 XP.

6. Minis and battlemaps will be used. Miniatures will be provided (see House Rules for special note on miniatures and XP).

7. As Pathfinder is a new system, the understanding and comprehension of the rules will be a group responsibility. Keep track of what your feats and special powers do.

8. The goal of the game is to have fun, and the rules should not interfere with that.

9. Jason is our new patron. Construction will begin on a new wing of the game room and it will be named the Dr. Jason Deen Nelson Gaming Library and Nerd Cave.


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