House Rules

I will post house rules, clarifications, and other rules information in this section.

Pathfinder House Rules

  • Leveling Checklist – here is a handy checklist for leveling your character, courtesy of GM Kuro.
  • Metagame XP: XP will be awarded for certain metagame activities.
    • Bringing snacks = 100 XP
    • Putting your character stats on Obisidian Portal = 100 XP
    • Showing up in costume = any session XP x .5
    • Providing a miniature that is a close representation of your pc’s race and class = 50 XP (one time bonus)
    • If said miniature is painted by yourself = 100 XP
  • Special note on miniatures: I will provide minis for the game. No one needs to go out and get them; that is optional. There are companies that sell paper miniatures that you can print, cut out, and fold into a stand up. Those are acceptable and count towards the XP bonus stated above. We will be using proxies, counters, tokens, etc. to represent miniatures.
  • Hero points will now be used in the place of re-roll tokens.

Re-roll Tokens – each player shall get a predetermined number of poker chips at the beginning of each session. Each chip can be cashed in for one re-roll as long as it is a roll that the pc makes. The chip can also be cashed in for mercy, i.e. if the pc would die they can cash the chip in to just be severely wounded.

  • XP Chart – An online spreadsheet to keep track of xp has been created:
  • As of 4/3/13 the xp spreadsheet has been updated.

XP spreadsheet

Old XP spreadsheet before 4/3/13

  • Rule System – as of April 2012 we will use the Pathfinder rules as published by Paizo. The following is a link to their online rules document:
    Pathfinder SRD
  • Quorum – We have unofficially decided that we need three PCs to run the campaign. If less than 3 can show up, then the group will play another game for that session.
  • Discipline and Punishment – If there is cheating, power-gaming, munchkinism, or other shenanigans going on then the campaign will be suspended and we will play a Bunnies and Burrows LARP until further notice.

House Rules

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