Quest for Honor

Becoming Professionals

While the pcs are licking their wounds, they are approached by a local bureaucrat. He informs the party that they are becoming quite well known throughout the city. According to him, it would be wise to register with the Hall of Guilds, perhaps as a mercenary company. Registering would have many benefits, such as official recognition from the city, legal protection, better access to patrons, and more. Registration would only be 5gp. The pcs familiar with business (such as Merrill) know that this is a fair price.

On a metagame note, I just registered on a site called roll20. It is a site to play rpgs online and it is free. It also works with hangouts. It would allow us to use maps and minis in online games. I suggest that everyone get an account.



Roll20 looks really cool. I registered. Also, my computer is back in action.

Becoming Professionals
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