Quest for Honor

Crazy time in the village

The PCs arrived in the village of Kehl on the night of June 6. They spent the night at the Ivy Inn. The following day they attended service at the Church of the Protector and then left town. They snuck back at night and tried to vandalize one of the protection stones that surround the village. Gray Grayhawke and Merrill Tobery fought some guards and were transported to some weird realm where they then fought two zombie doll things. Dietrich Werner was left behind in a deserted village, where he started to set the church and the Mayor’s house on fire.

For continuity purposes, Merrill Tobery and Gray Grayhawke have been hiding in the guard house for about an hour after their fight. They get 200 xp each for the people and monsters that they killed. Dietrich Werner gets 150 xp for setting things on fire and having the best response to a guard’s hail so far in the game. Dietrich gets one honor point for being brazen. Ivan, Brumhilda, and Gygax are back on the road about 300 yards out of town. It is the night of June 7.


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