Quest for Honor

Desecrate the Temple!

The party fought their way out of the basement. Alistair and Graven showed up, and together the PCs slaughtered most of the inhabitants. They failed to take any prisoners, but they did find a list of names of important people and organizations in Frankfurt.

The Wizard’s Guild pays everybody 500 gp a piece.

Loot: The following items were found in the temple, particularly in Maerwen’s (the animal wizard’s) room.

3 night candles
1 Scroll of Steal Action
1 Scroll of Charm Monster
1 Scroll of Wall of Stone

XP has been updated.

Metagame info: Most of the group should be able to level up. This is good. Know that as your abilities increase, so will the challenges of the game. Critical wounds and even death will be possibilities. Just remember, without risk there is no reward!


scottmr83 nedpatrick

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