Quest for Honor

Next Session


Hey Guys!

I would like to do our next session on September 20. Here is the plan:

To enter the Temple of She-Ra requires a rare magical key. You guys have a journal in your possession that tells the tale of a group of adventurers who traveled to Iceland hundreds of years ago in search of the key. For the next adventure, you will play the party in the journal.

We will use pregen characters and another game system. The system that we will use is called Lamentations of the Flame Princess. You can download the rules for free, but it is not necessary. It is very similar to 1st edition D&D and is very easy to play.

Follow this link and click on the rules link on the top right of the screen.

Anyway, you guys will play the party in the journal. After that session you will play your original Pathfinder characters as you guys head to Iceland. What you do in the first adventure will affect the second adventure. Let me know if September 20 will work.


Sounds awesome. What time?

Next Session


Next Session
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